Favourable winds on our bay are on shore winds:
la Tramontana, il Maestrale and Scirocco.


When there’s strong wind, about 800 m from the beach you can find glassy waves.
From North there’s Tramontana that makes big and steep waves, up to 3-4 m in the best days!!
In the first days the wave is very fast and hard to surf but very nice for jumps, on the next days the wave gets longer and regular, much better to ride.
Gianni | Bastysurf

From North-West there’s Maestrale that makes medium waves from 0.5 to 1.5 m usually not regular, with chop in the morning and longer in the evening, sometimes good to ride. Very nice conditions for freestylers.

Lupo a riva

When we have South wind, Scirocco, close to the beach, the water is very flat and allows you to have perfect conditions to tray New-Style tricks.

Alba torre

Thanks to the thermic wind, the good days for surfing during the summer are about 80% . The thermic wind come from NW (SIDE-ON), and allows us to surf with sails till 5.3.