VDWS Safety Tool

Allround Protection in Watersports for : VDWS Safety Tool

  • ° Windsurfer
  • ° Kitesurfer and Snowkiter
  • °dinghy and catamaran sailors

A SafetyTool insurance package costs only: € 39,00Euros a year

  • ° Comprehensive Cover, covers damage or destruction of rented equipment
  • ° Third Party Cover 2 Mio Euro, the essential third party cover for activities afloat
  • °Accident Insurance, covers all accidents which result from the use of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing equipment

1. Comprehensive cover for equipment damage
The cover applies to damage or destruction of rented equipment or equipment which is in use as part of a holiday package involving windsurfing-/ kitesurfing / snowkite / catamaran / sailing boats. The cover is limited to EUR 1500 per calendar year. There is no cover for malicious damage.
There is an own risk portion: Kitesurfing / Windsurfing EUR 50 Sailing EUR 100.

2. Third Party Liability Insurance
Maximum Cover EUR 2.000.000 for persons and damage incurred.
The insurance cover is in line with the basic and special conditions of the statutory third party liability insurance (AHB) for the following applications:
* Windsurfing- / kitesurfing- / Snowkite Third Party: covers the use, ownership and keeping of own or borrowed windsurfing- / kitesurfing- / snowkite equipment, when it is solely used for private purposes. * Skipper Third Party Liability Insurance: covers the use or possession of chartered or borrowed sailing boats or catamarans (not your own boat!). Usage must be for private purpose only, without the involvement of a professional crew.

3. Accident Insurance
EUR 16000 in case of invalidity (EUR 2100 for dhildren)
EUR 5000 for rescue costs
EUR 3000 in event of death
EUR 6 per day in hospital
EUR 2500 rehabilitation costs

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Specificity for Switzerland
Because the relevant legal requirements in Switzerland are covered by the insurance coverage of liability insurance for the insured, Swiss citizens are not in Switzerland itself Swiss insured persons in liability insurance, but insurance coverage if that coverage exclusively for the validity outside of Switzerland, eg is completed on the occasion of travel. The accident insurance and comprehensive insurance protection for damage to rental equipment is the world including Switzerland.