In Brazil Gigi Madeddu …. we’re off!

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Sao Miguel

Friday ‘off the first project “the secret spot”

Destination Sao Miguel Do Gostoso

With the group Matteo Spanu and Rossel Bertoldo

Everything is ready for the holiday with the riders. So you could define the project that will take shape in a few days starting from Fiumicino Airport. You fly to Brazil with Gigi Madeddu and Matteo Spanu, a freestyler and a waver of success that accompany a large group of windsurfers to the discovery of one of the new most popular winter destinations: Sao Miguel do Gostoso. With them also the young talent Rossel Berthold.

A new project for windsurfing, which is called The Secret Spot, launched by the agency King Holidays, organized by the Windsurfing Club Sa Bar and Surf Center Bracciano with the support of Whitereef, importer among other brands of North and Fanatic , and the clothing line Arbeke.

From 9 November to 1 December for three weeks of fun and relaxation in the beautiful location in South America known for the constant wind that blows at this time all day without rest, where is Dr. Wind, surf town of Paul Migliorini, an old acquaintance windsurfing Italian who emigrated to Brazil in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

A dream vacation, warm. Where the labor problems of everyday life are put aside to make way for the revival hammock, glide endless maneuvers and jumps into the wild to the caipirinha in front of the most beautiful sunset on the beach in the world.

A flexible program for the participants, that in the three rider will have a constant reference point for the duration of their stay. Since morning where after a full breakfast you choose together the best Trimmers equipment according to weather conditions, then all the water for a nice surfing with friends. In the afternoon, photos and videos to everyone, a reminder of the magic moments that will live together.

In the evening then the usual inevitable talk about what has been done in the water, bug fixes, the excitement for a day or positive distractions for a few crashes too. Always with a smile, a must for a dream vacation.

The riders

Gigi Madeddu is among the best athletes in Italy, specialized in freestyle is also fond of the wave. He lives in S. Antioco, the happy island of the wind in the south of Sardinia, where he created the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra. Instructor sloppy, great motivator, as well as continuously improving its level is rising talents important for the future of the sport.

Matteo Spanu is the king of Capo Mannu and Funtana Meiga. Waver hardened, love spots like Hookipa and Ponta Preta where big waves and boundary conditions are the daily bread. Lives of adrenaline that spreads easily to those who are near. Many facts and few words, as in freestyle, where he defends the great although not his favorite sport.

Rossel Berthold is the emerging talent of Sa Barra, raised in all respects by Gigi Madeddu has shown steady improvement in recent years. This year he made his debut in the first races of his career and his first trip to Brazil will be useful to test the potential outside Italy.

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