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Saturday at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, during the General Assembly of the ISAF Annual Conference Carlo Croce, the current President of IVF, has been elected President of the International Sailing Federation for the years 2013-2016. Elected as 7 Vice-Presidents. In the afternoon, then reversed the decision of Stresa: windsurfing will be present at the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

In the General Assembly present 106 countries with 114 voters including the current President and Vice-Presidents. His Majesty King Constantine of Greece presided over the vote as Chairman of the ‘Election Committee. Vietnam and Kosovo have become part of the family of the ISAF Member National Authorities.

18 hours Italian started the voting for the President and Vice-Presidents. Candidates for President Carlo Croce (ITA), David Kellett (AUS), Eric Tulla (PUR). Having achieved an absolute majority in the first round was carried out in the runoff between Charles Cross and the Puerto Rican Eric Tulla. The victory went to Charles Cross who will chair the Fed sailing world for the next four Olympics.

Also elected seven Vice-Presidents: Quanhai Li (CHN), Chris Atkins (GBR), Gary Jobson (USA), Scott Perry (URU), George Andreadis (GRE), Adrienne Greenwood (NZL) and Nazli Imre (TUR).

Before the vote the Italian Alberto Predieri withdrew his candidacy at the office of the Vice-Presidency.

In the late afternoon, as I said, the General Assembly had approved the restoration of the RS: X as an Olympic sport in Rio in 2016 instead of Kitesurfing, overturning the decision of Stresa in May 2012 and the ISAF Council yesterday not to reopen the practice .

This statement Alessandra Sensini for the presence of the RS: X in Rio: “I am delighted that windsurfing has regained its place in the Olympics, but I would not celebrate. The battle between kite and windsurfing is not a battle we wanted to or from one or the other side. For this reason I would not celebrate: the way we were sitting next to each other, we are part of the same family and also the kite has the credentials to be present at the Olympic Games with a medal. At midyear meeting was a very close vote, and in the meantime it became clear that they were not collected all the relevant information. Many nations have asked to reopen the practice and the Council have voted in favor of no less than 28 MNAs: some had not been reached 75% yes but the majority (51.3%). The kite has really done great strides together and we have to be present at the Olympic Games in 2020. ”

Here are the classes in the Olympics Rio 2016: